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Our Dreamers & Our Believers have laid the foundation.  Let's build on it.

  • “We cannot be passive or silent when human beings endure suffering or humiliation.  We must step for–ward and take sides. We must assist immediately. At times, we may fail.  At times, we may make mistakes. But we must never make the mistake of failing to try. People deserve nothing less.”...more

    - Angel L.G. Santos

  • “She was tireless in her quest to advance the teaching of the Chamorro language in Guam schools, and her innovation as an educator had a significant impact on my commitment to the Chamorro language.”

    - Robert Underwood about Lagrimas Leon Guerrero Untalan, who translated Stand Ye Guamanians into Fanologe Chamorro

  • “The tourist industry offers our greatest potential. The success and future of the island’s tourism business is dependent on the wise and careful management of our beaches, reet and coastal waters. New commercial and public attractions also are needed. Better airline service is required. A public attitude supporting the tourist industry is necessary. Locating ftmds for sidewalks in the Tumon area and my recent mission to Japan are only the first actions of an administration committed to the expansion of Guam’s tourism industry.”...more

    - Paul M. Calvo, February 20, 1979 address before the Guam Legislature


  • 2065, here we come...

    VISION: Imagine Guam, where Guamanians lead careers that drive a strong economy, and where our planning today produces the community and environment that is the envy of the world.

    MISSION: For visionary thinkers to Imagine Guam 50 years from now, then build the strategy in education, society, government, and infrastructure development that will get us to that vision.

We can make it happen, together.

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